Job Category

Full-stack developer (Moscow)

Key duties:

  • Support for company websites and customers
  • Expansion of website functions
  • Web development
We are interested in you if you have:
  • Knowledge of PHP 5.6 / 7, MySQL (MariaDB)
  • HTML / CSS / Javascript
  • Vue.js
  • 1C Bitrix (ability to create sites on Bitrix from scratch, develop a module for Bitrix)
  • Knowledge of Git
  • Experience from 1 year for a position of web programmer
  • The presence of launched projects in the network
  • Links to accounts in professional social networks (stackoverflow, github, etc.) are welcome
From us:
  • Convenient schedule and comfortable, fashionable office
  • 150 happy, young, cheerful and responsive people by your side
  • Frequent corporate events
  • Ability to play VR games in the office after work
IT, development, Q&A and engineering