Job Category

Unreal Engine Developer (Moscow)

Principal duties:

  • Design, implementation, debugging and support of the code game mechanics based on Unreal Engine
  • Participation in the development of gaming and presentation VR projects
  • Writing code in accordance with the tasks
  • Timing estimate of the tasks (in the tracker)
  • Cooperation with artists, designers and other developers
  • Professional level of C ++ programming in UE4
  • Work in the system of visual programming Blueprints Visual Scripting
  • Code review, optimization
We are interested in you if you have:

  • Knowledge of Unreal Engine 4 framework; Unreal Engine 4 Blueprints framework
  • Practical experience with C ++ for at least a year, knowledge of C ++ in the context of Unreal Engine 4
  • Experience in debugging and project optimization
  • Knowledge of VR development features
  • Presence of completed projects
  • Excellent knowledge of OOP principles and software algorithms
  • Understanding of tools, technologies, development process
  • Presence of a portfolio of works performed on Unreal Engine 4 (commercial or personal)
  • Understanding of the software used in the gaming industry: 3ds Max, Maya, etc.
  • Ability to work with version control systems: Git, SVN
  • Knowledge in technical English
From us:

  • Convenient schedule and comfortable, fashionable office
  • 150 happy, young, cheerful and responsive people by your side
  • Frequent corporate events
  • Ability to play VR games in the office after work on a free basis

VR GameDev