Russian advertising agencies launched flashmob and addressed their clients
Izvinishko and 80's: traditional selection of promotional campaigns and digital projects
MUST HAVE: up-to-date guide on visual formats on social media
World of Tanks VR will be available on the ImpulseVR platform
World of Tanks VR comes to VR clubs on the ImpulseVR platform
A new service was launched to search for actors to shoot with any budget and even without it — hey! producer
hey! producer - casting service for actors and directors
Casting service to find the actors for advertising projects and films - hey! producer
The Operator of the "Thank You" bonus program from Sberbank is launching a chain of VR cinemas with its own movies
Fruktoviy sad and agency have launched Russia's first mobile voice advertising campaign
ZDDZ Brand launches collaboration with Adrenaline Rush
Chain of Leroy Merlin hypermarkets and agency have launched an unusual campaign in social networks - "Leroy Merlin Culinary School".
1.5 tons of ice and 1 million views per day - case "Leroy Merlin"
Roketbank will give increased cashback to customers who will be passed over by the Mayak satellite