Group of companies and startup accelerator
Every day we evolve in such spheres as Marketing, MarkTech and VRGameDev,

enjoying the process itself :)

Every day we are the ones in charge of the projects, the ones who deal with start-ups, we evolve in such spheres as Marketing, MarkTech and VRGameDev, enjoying the process itself :)
Revenue growth of KB-12
Types of positions, 2019
Search for Employees
Revenue growth of KB-12
Types of positions, 2019
Search for employees
There are a million opportunities in the world to do what you like. We do not lose time and develop, if not in a million at once, then in a hundred very different directions for sure. Therefore, our team of almost 200 people is growing rapidly and every day there are more and more new jobs.
Strategy and creative, 360 TTL, video production, design, digital, BTL and event, production and POSM logistics, PR, motivation programs.
full-service advertising agency
Digital strategy, design, creative, SMM, digital promo, work with opinion leaders, video production, full stack digital development.
digital agency
The Company
Remote financial, legal, accounting services for technology startups (Seed and A-rounds).
outsourcing for startups
Preparation of financial models, internal audit, day-by-day accounting and legal support, tax and personnel records, reporting to investors.
Purchase of Facebook, VKontakte, Odnoklassniki, Instagram, Google Ads, Yandex Direct, teaser and push traffic; development of a promotion strategy, sales funnels on the Internet and search for ways to solve non-standard tasks with use of traffic.

The Clicks
media buying agency

Development and implementation of target marketing strategies, creating loyalty and motivational programs, email-marketing

Dau Relationship Marketing
CRM Marketing agency

Development of AAA-level products in virtual reality for the gaming and industrial market.
Impulse Machine
VR gamedev & publishing company
The Russia's largest distribution chain of VR content, consisting of its own and partner LBE salespoints.
Development of VR-games with neuromanagement and services for increasing personal effectiveness. The projects are aimed at improving the quality of human life and the development of cognitive abilities through the use of capabilities of the brain.
Impulse Neiry
neurogaming lab
Neurophysiology and Neurocomputer Interfaces Laboratory of Moscow State University.
Strategic partners
The new service, where actors and producers find each other. Every day, on a 24-hour basis and very quickly. These are castings for filming in advertising, movies, videos, TV shows and fashion projects from large productions, agencies, independent film makers and famous brands that are constantly looking for new talents and find them here.
Hey! Producer
casting service
E-commerce platform
A turnkey solution for launching your own
Internet store based on a current image-building site
Loyalty platform
Online loyalty program for sellers and sales representatives
Up&cross sale platform
Sales promotion tool based on the knowledge of the already made purchases
Research & training platform
Application of virtual reality for personnel training and analysis of consumer behavior in retail
Ekaterina Kolesnichenko

4th and 5th floors, bld. 2, 73 Bakuninskaya Street, Moscow
+7 (499) 391-96-04

Main office
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HR partner
Daria Baturina
Senior office manager
Christina Yakovleva

Alexander Panov
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New business, special projects and startups