Job Category

Senior neurophysiologist (Moscow)

  • Conduct neurophysiological studies in the field of brain-computer interfaces use for solving specific problems in the entertainment, industry, education, medicine and other spheres
  • Select professionals and arrange work process of a group of neurophysiologists
  • Conduct expert assessment of the viability, applicability and feasibility of BCI technologies developed by company
  • Make reviews of scientific and research works on the subject
  • Сlassify and analize collected information
  • Develop experimental testing methods to check hypotheses on technologies applicability
  • Conduct experiments and collect data
  • Schematize and analize recorded datasets
  • Write technical requirements and technical specifications for development teams (gamedevs, programmers, designers)
  • Interact with leading Russian and international specialists (laboratories) conducting research and scientific activities in the field of interest
  • Monitor market in the search of the most relevant information on trends in the professional area of
  • Have articles published in leading scientific journals
  • Write posts for leading online services (Medium, Habr)
  • Take part in exhibitions and conferences

We are interested to get in touch if you have:
  • Higher degree professional education in the field of psychophysiology or neurophysiology
  • Deep knowledge of the brain-computer interfaces operation
  • Research experience
  • Experience in participating in the implementation of applied projects
  • Experience in managing work of a laboratory or a team of neurophysiologists
  • Experience in staging, conducting experiments and analyzing EEG
  • Experience in collecting and analysing neurophysiological data
  • Scientific articles and publications
  • Additional mathematical education
  • Skills and understanding of programming
  • Experience in managing a team of specialists
  • Сontact database in the scientific community

What we offer:
  • Convenient schedule and comfortable office
  • 150 happy, young, fun and hearty people close at hand
  • Regular corporate events
  • Opportunity to play VR-games after hours
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